The Measure of Social Distances
Paper, pencil, pens, stickers. 54 x 54 cm.



This work is a record of the pandemic and measures the social distances between myself and others as I experienced them under a three month lock-down. The map is structured as a series of concentric spheres that, expanding out from an inner core of intimacy, show the ‘virtuasphere’ with its equidistant connections, my local sphere of sustenance, my circle of friends, and my family nebula. These are contained within a larger and invisible ‘virosphere’ that conditions everything. The map is completed by a few reflections on isolation.

Virtual space is a dimension of its own. Video turns us into avatars of ourselves.


Time drones on, it dilates until it dissolves.


Selected in the #RaccontoPlurale open call / Commissioned by CRT, Torino / Photos by Daniele Baldi