Songlines and Superstructures
23 x 12 cm, 18 pages, 4 photos, in aluminum box. Signed edition 50/50.

Songliner - Audiovisual Expedition*
A maze of invisible paths cross the Australian continent: they are the “songlines”, ritual songs revealed only to Aboriginals and handed down from generation to genaration. Each traditional song works simultaneously as map and antenna, and assumes the role of musical illustrations of the topographic features found along these distant trails.
In June 2004, Bastiaan Arler embarked with a team of artists on a journey through Europe by car. There were no maps, no modern navigation systems, only a continuous path between two points chosen at random. Directions from passers-by and reactions to landscape or cities were their only guides.
During the journey, the artist describes the path travelled from the car in motion, creating a “songline” in the spirit of the Aboriginal people, but transposed in contemporary European society. 

Through the Superstructure
In this project from 2011, the artist accompanies three commuters on their way to work and back. As in Songliner, the verses are written in the car during the trip. The “songlines” that result from these trips, while retaining the poetic qualities of the Songliner verses, also explore the relationship between man and machine, and that of man and his infrastructure.
The writings fuction as hypertext to the drawings on show and reflect the complex theories that describe our pursuit of progress and the alienation that ensues.     (Valentina Marinone, Gallery VBM 20.10)

*project financed by Pépinièrres Européenes pour Jeunes Artistes.

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