A project in collaboration with Irina Novarese.

When an artist is unable to channel a fixation into art he may feel caught in a loop that keeps him running in a viscious circle. Psychology today has gone a long way in understanding obsessive, compulsive and maniacal behaviour on a clinical level, yet little is known about how artists can cope with fixations that hijack their thoughts and have no way of being included in their artistic practice.

Shadowboxing is a project through which we encourage the artist to work with a particular fixation as a way to understand, transform, and master it. We have conceived a process that forces us to explore an obsession by making a visual model of it. The model aims to analyze the whole, show the relationship between its parts, and the network of implications. Ultimately this project hopes to aid artists by rationalizing what they perceive as unmetabolized fixations.

Link: Shadowboxing / Photos by Daniele Baldi.