Order and Chaos Within (Within Chaos and Order)
Tape and adhesive film, performer
12 x 13 m (420 m┬▓)

There are maps of all kinds, but when I try to navigate the complexities of the mind I often lose myself in this space where there are no maps. In an attempt to overcome the feeling of being lost I began to draw flowcharts, diagrams of cause and effect, which could show the myriad of constants and the intangible variables that define my existence. With this installation I wanted to give life to an existential and emotional map where people can immerse themselves in the complexities of the human condition.
The installation extends along the walls and floor of the Triennale Museum on the occasion of the CoSTUME NATIONAL FW 2014/2015 fashion show. The dancer Maria Novella Della Martira performs a choreographed routine that interacts with the dynamics and dualities expressed in the installation, in which she explores the extents of the human body.

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Location: Triennale Museum, Milano / Commissioned by CoSTUME NATIONAL / Photos by Antonio La Grotta