Big Endless Bang
Installation (felt, paint, table, LCD screen, artist’s portfolios, digital print)

When working on a new map I start with the concepts themselves. I look at their meaning and implications, singularly and as a whole. I write lists and draw out schemes showing dualities, relationships, and cycles. These are slowly tied together in a single coherent map. As it often happens not everything has a logic that is identifiable at first hand. In fact, I started work painting the map with one very important box left blank. I had a feeling that as I worked on the panels I would be absorbed in their mental space and come out on the other end with an answer. The concept would have to encompass all of the others represented, and at this point could also be the title. I was thinking of a metaphor for the genesis that takes place when affirmed artists, with their defined artistic worlds, meet with younger artists, as this was something that I was commissioned to communicate. Big Endless Bang seemed to sum up the continuity and genesis that meeting sets in motion.

Location: Artissima 15, Torino / Curated by a.titolo / Sponsored by Regione Piemonte / Photos by Maria Bruni